Congratulations! You are ready to hire accounting staff or outside contractors to handle your financial tasks.  Your organization is growing and getting organized.

But what should you advertise for?  A simple Bookkeeper? A Senior Accountant or a Full Charge Bookkeeper? A Controller or a CFO?

Usually business leaders have a deep understanding of the different roles and tasks their staff plays in the organization.  However they lack understanding of the arcane differences between various job titles in the finance department. Which job title you use directly affects the assumed job responsibilities and experience of the applicants. It also affects the assumed pay grade.

Save time and effort! Nothing is sadder then spending weeks advertising and sorting resumes only to draw a pool of wildly unsuitable applications that are expecting twice the wages you hoped to pay.

Happy to consult with an initial free half-hour phone call to understand your needs, and help you to outline the duties and title of the position.  Actual help in crafting the job listing and sorting resumes is available for an additional fee.